The well-prepared, well-informed, and well-protected consumer is the foundation for any properly functioning marketplace.
This empowered consumer purchases the most appropriate product or service from the most appropriate provider of such. This relationship creates direct, long-term value for both the consumer and the provider which, in time, indirectly creates better industries and better economies.


The core mission of Mortguidance is to help strengthen the foundation of our industry – the mortgage consumer.
By providing our clients with independent and unbiased personalized guidance and support well before they secure a mortgage, while in the process of securing a mortgage, and/or in the minutes leading up to their closing, we will empower all types of mortgage consumers to make more informed decisions and receive more value in the mortgage transaction.


Our methods will create a conduit between the value-minded mortgage consumer and the consumer value-minded mortgage originator.
In today’s business environment, which often times rewards providers who create the greatest perception of value, as opposed to those who are motivated to create real value,  it is easy to understand why the mortgage industry has suffered significant hardship in recent years. We want to help the consumer find real value in the marketplace. It’s out there. When the consumer wins, the entire economy wins. 









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